climb higher,
ride further...
High-up sublime single-track tours in the Cape View Trail HUBS → We believe mountain biking is about being out in the mountains. This is where the adventure happens our the eMTBs truly come alive. Therefore we focus on getting you onto the best single track trails around! SINGLE-TRACK FOCUS Ride high-end full suspension eMTBs. Specialized Turbo Levos, BH Atom x View Trail HUBS → Best eMTBS Left your eMTB behind. Ride our top eMTBs and let us customise your eMTB riding adventure in the Cape. View Trail HUBS → International Visitor Full day/half day trails, weekend trails or longer custom trips. International visitor? Let us know what type of riding you want to do.

Come ride with us

See the passion we have to take you high into the Cape Mountains, riding gorgeous single-track trails on our amazing full-suspension eMTBS.  Mountain views,  vineyards, ocean views of not just one but two oceans, see more, breathe more of all these, and more of these as we traverse a multitude of trails across the southern Cape mountains.

New to eMTBs? Well, you are in for a treat! Over the last decade, there has been an explosion in the development and integration of electric motor and battery technologies into mountain bikes.  The result? A new diversity of riding, the ability to ride further, climb higher, expand your adventure bubble....and ride happier.  The Specialized guys say it best:  “it's you only faster”.

Why rent our bikes

Top of the range eMTBs

Ride high-end Specialized Levos and BH Atomx full-suspension eMTBs. Ride like a pro with the joy of a kid.


Mountain single-track adventure

EMTBs take the pain out of the big climbs. We will expand your adventure bubble riding beautiful single-tracks all over the Cape mountains.


Convenience - we drop and collect

Hassle-free bookings, Pick your trail HUB to ride and we will drop the bikes with you and collect after.


Wonderful, varied choice of trail HUBs

Come ride our vast choice of all kinds of single-track trails across the southern Cape Fold belt. See more, breathe more, fun, and fitness combined.

Cape Mountain Single-Track Tours
and Rentals

We believe mountain biking is about being out in the mountains. This is where the adventure happens and our high-end eMTBS truly come alive.

The Cape Mountain fold belt is comparable to the Alps, the Pyrenees, possibly even the lower Rockies. To MTB in Europe or the Americas would be amazing but why travel that far and incur such great expense when right here on our own doorstep is breath-taking world-class MTB riding.

A heart-pounding descent down virtually any of the trails puts you within short range of wine farms, restaurants, delicatessens and lovely picnic spots.

Through the enthusiasm, passion and generosity of mountain biking clubs, businesses and individuals, the trail network has grown significantly in the Cape over the last few years.

There are now dozens of world-class trails, literally hundreds of kms to choose from for all levels of riders.  Choose gnarly bike parks, steep technical downhills, long, flowing cross-country tracks, climb big peaks with Ocean vistas, forest trails, vineyard trails and much more....

Our Bikes - Specialized Levo and BH


BH Atom X Carbon ER970

2020 Dual suspension, carbon frame, 29", 12 Spd, Brose S motor, 720Wh battery


Turbo Levo and Levo Comp

2019 Dual suspension, 29", 11 Spd, 2.1 Specialized S-motor, 500Wh/700Wh battery


Turbo Levo Expert Carbon

2019 Dual suspension, 29", Expert Carbon, 11 Spd, 2.1 Specialized S-motor, 720Wh battery


Turbo Levo S-Works Carbon

2020 Dual suspension, 29", S-Works carbon frame 11 Spd, 2.1 Specialized S-motor, 720Wh battery

Included with every bike rental:

Lock (Optional)
Bike Drop and Collection
Water Bottle

Climb higher, ride further

What does a mountain represent if not a challenge, the desire to reach its top? The satisfaction of the climb, the reward of summiting the peak. Then downhill… the anticipation, the joy and thrill. Tired? Maybe, but the eMTB, your trusty steed will quietly, happily assist you along the next trail or up to the next summit.

To outdoor enthusiasts, mountains hold a particular allure. Perhaps in part due to their infinite variety. Hike them, run them, climb them, MTB them, strive for the peak any way you can. Now, eMTBs add a new exciting dimension to exploring mountains.

Cape Town
Trail HUBS

Amazing selection of trail HUBs.

Small, intimate guided tours of 2-6 riders, tailored to your preferences and riding ability.

Choose a half day,  full day tour or longer weekend adventure tours.

Self-guided rental tours also considered under strict conditions.


Some of our Trail HUBS


Adventure and Fun!

Wake up and ride at your own pace. Join us for an adventurous day with breath-taking views and guided trails.


Tokai Noordhoek HUB

Located in the Table Mountain National Park, the Tokai mountain bike trails are truly unique catering for riders of all ages, from novice to seasoned professional athletes.

Stellenbosch HUB

Eden is the area above Paradyskloof and this pine plantation is home to a maze of single tracks. This trail is perfect for some serious mountain biking and awesome downhill opportunities.


Tygerberg MTB Club HUB

The Tygerberg MTB club is reputedly the largest MTB club in the world. Explore over 150km of pristine trails, cut into the indigenous renosterveld across 15 beautiful farms in the majestic Durbanville Hills area, just 15 minutes’ drive north of Cape Town. It's possible to spend days exploring these varied, well built, well-maintained trails.

Welvanpas HUB

Our personal favourite and great as a weekend HUB as well! Welvanpas is located in the beautiful Wellington Winelands with a wide range of single track choices, many built for previous Cape Epic races.


Trail HUB Footage - View Video